About us

Our mission

We love Outdoor Adventures and Nature. We often do Hiking, Biking, Skiing, Rafting and many more invigorating Outdoor Adventures. These frequent activities made us realise a couple years back that there is no search engine in existence where one could search, find and book any amazing Outdoor Adventure in the world. Hence we decided to build Trekhunt, the global search engine for outdoor adventure tours and activities. We made it our mission to help people all around the world to search and find amazing outdoor adventures.

We are not a travel agency nor we are a tour operator. We are a search engine, a tech company helping fellow adventurers. We are similar to Google, Bing, Yahoo! but we are only focused on outdoor adventures. We don't do restaurants. Not even wine tasting or hotels. We focus on adventures in Nature. We want to help people out there to experience all the wonders of Nature and really find themselves there.

We believe that there's an inner adventurer in every person in the world. It's there in You too and we would like to help you unleash it! That's why we're spending night and day working on the best search engine for outdoor adventures in our Budapest office.

Find us here working on the product: Szent Istvan krt 20. Budapest 1137, Hungary

Our team

We believe that there's an inner adventurer in every person in the world, including us. We're sitting a lot in front of the computer to deliver you the best search experience and the most amazing treks in world. Still we're often looking out in the window and dream about the skiing on the weekend or the amazing biking trip to Vietnam we will to do soon. We work hard and play hard. We are the Trekhunt Team.


CEO & Founder

"Talk to me about products, nature, their connection and how they impact the evolution of societies.
Find me on the slopes skiing during the winter and trying out some new adventure sport during the summer."


CTO & Founder

"Living in Sofia, Bulgaria, surrounded by mountains. When not coding, I spend my time biking, hiking or snowboarding."


Head of Sales & Founder

"Passionate about co-founding and nature. Co-founded a gorgeous girl and a dashing boy and now this funky product Trekhunt. I get tour operators on board to bring you more and more amazing adventures. If not here, you'll find me in the mountains, hiking or riding my bike."


Community Lead & Founder

"I'm a fan of nature: 15 years of tour guiding, active mountaineering, hiking instructor.I’m building the community to understand the adventurer needs."


Full Stack Engineer

"I was working as a UI developer at an automotive company when Laci asked me to join Trekhunt. Building a great product with great friends is the best job I could imagine."


Full Stack Engineer

"Being a full stack dev, I enjoy challenges and the process of creating something new."


Full Stack Engineer

"Switching between chasing bugs in front of the screen and chasing tiny colorful fishes in tropical waters."


Back Office Ninja

"I am Éva the Back Office Ninja of Trekhunt! I am passionate about traveling and getting to know other cultures. I am a huge fan of trekking and I love to be surrounded by mountains."


Full Stack Engineer

"I have been doing sports since my childhood. My first sport was fencing where I competed for 10 years. Now I moved on to CrossFit. My favourite extreme sport is backcountry skiing. Trying to create the best product for you as junior developer."


Full Stack Engineer

"I love to talk about business and company related things, but I do enjoy any upcoming ideas and brainstorming on them. I’m the ‘odd one out’ as I’m more passionate in coding than outdoor sports :)I feel honoured to be a member of such a great team like Trekhunt. My posy: "Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet, consectetur adipisicing elit, sed do eiusmod tempor incididunt ut labore et dolore magna aliqua."


The Coffee Machine

"I am a great motivator."

The legal details

Registered company name: Trekhunt International Kft.

Hungarian company number: 01-09-325896

Tax registration number: HU 26356208